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Determine whether your Bound can be played linearly or in any order. This allows your players in the Bound to start a stage of your Bound from a list, via QR code or in a random order. You can also add an intro and an outro for all players.

How to

  • Open the settings of your Bound.
  • Below the Switchesyou will find the Section Order section.

Sequence of stages

Decide between a linear, free selectable or random section row fole


Select the Linear mode if the elements in your Bound are to be played in the order you have created (as in the Bound Creator: from top to bottom).


You want to give your players a choice or have groups start at different stations? Then select the Free choice mode. In this case, your players will be shown an overview of the sections in the Bound from which they can choose freely. Completed sections are marked in the section overview.


Another possibility is to play the sections of a Bound in random order. To do this, select the Random mode.


If the Bound was downloaded and saved, the order will not change when you start it again. If you want to reshuffle your sections, delete them in App under "Find Bound" - "My Bounds" - "Preloaded Bounds" and then download your Bound again. The sections will then be reshuffled.

Selection of stages

If you have chosen Free Selectable in the section order, you can now choose between From List or By QR Code in the section selection.

From List

Select the From List mode to show your players all the sections in the Bound in a list. Players independently select sections from a list. As soon as a section has been completed, the players return to the list and can select another section. Completed sections are marked in the list. They can be called up again, but elements such as quizzes cannot be solved again.

Scan QR code

If you select Per QR Code, our software generates a separate QR Code for each of your sections. This is displayed in the Bound Creator. You can print it out or distribute it digitally. Your players will be asked to scan one of the section QR codes in the section selection. Once a section is completed, players will return to the section selector and can scan another section QR code. Completed sections are marked in the list.


With a paid Bound type, you can customise the default text in the section overview. Contact our team at to learn more.

Specific stages

Under Special Sections you can set an Intro and Outro for your Bound.

If Intro is activated, elements that are in the first section of your Bound are not included in the section selection (list or QR code). This first section (intro) is displayed in the Bound at the beginning of the game. When it is finished, all other sections appear as a list or QR code.

If you activate the Outro, the last section of your Bound is only displayed after you have clicked Exit Bound in the section selection. In this way, all players play the last section before the Bound finally ends.

Example of use

  • Let your players choose the next station or topic. This prevents all the players from gathering at one station.
  • This way, groups can start at different stations and not meet each other.


If you select the section order Free choice, players can decide for themselves when to end the Bound. This means that the Bound can also be ended if not all sections have been completed.

Moritz Behrmann-Fink

Moritz Behrmann-Fink
Actionbound Academy

Updated on Sep 14, 2023

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