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Daniel Sandmann
Head of Customer Protection, Regulatory Compliance & Integrity Culture | Allianz SE
We used Actionbound very successfully. More than 3000 colleagues around the world used the app to solve puzzles and complete our Compliance Adventure. Everyone was delighted! Rolling out the software across all of the different devices worked like a dream.
Compliance Training
Adidas Runners
Today we had a really unusual run with our neighborhood running group #boostsberg. A scavenger hunt right across Berlin – an app showed us the route after we photographed a QR-Code. Crazy! 🙆#boostberlin #schnitzeljagd #actionbound #boostbus #berlinrunning #urbanrunning
SportScavenger Hunt
Laura Poiger
MCM Coordinator | Pfizer Oncology
The ease of use, the variety of features, and the playful components helped make our usage of the app at a recent conference a success.Training
Julie Duysens
HR Specialist | Siemens Healthineers
Thanks to Actionbound for the creation of this app – the new joiners like it very much – they easily answer to the questions about the presentation of our company. Furthermore, the after sales service is very good! Staff is very friendly and accessible!
Christine Meziane
Swisscom Academy

We used a Bound to conduct a quiz on an iPad at last years general assembly. Our shareholders really liked it.

We’ve also used Actionbound to create activities for a number of our team events. Actionbound enabled us to give every team a different task, which they had to carry out as quickly and as well as they could. Using Bounds means we don’t have to lug around a bunch of paper anymore, and we can present the task attractively and use pictures to make them more interesting. The Bounds immediately create a feeling of camaraderie and help build team spirit.

We use Actionbound for courses on a variety of digital themes geared towards our main demographic, the 55+ crowd. It allows us to conduct exercises with step-by-step instructions in groups of two, so that the participants can proceed at their own pace. Our users really like doing it this way. Our participants really enjoy learning new things using the Bounds. The Bounds are definitely fun and exciting.

Deutscher Bildungsmedien-Preis
digita special price

Use media and be active? Use media and create media at the same time– and in a group, not on your own? Can it be done?

The cliched picture of young people using media looks different: faces lit by computer monitors locked up in their rooms for hours at a time.

Actionbound swept us away with their media-pedagogical approach– the possibilities of digital scavenger hunts are numerous, and not only for young users. The many Bounds that have been created by diverse users testify this. Ranging from birthday Bounds, to class trips to Berlin, to institutions that want to introduce their buildings, you’ll find a huge range of projects.

The jury awards the special prize for exemplary media pedagogical work with relevance for educational politics to Actionbound. It is a wonderful tool for youth outreach programs in concrete social environments and can be employed in inclusive pedagogical settings.

The product has enormous potential for continued development. The digita jury hopes that it will be used in the most diverse ways possible in varying circles! We would like to congratulate the Simon Zwick and Jonathan Rauprich Company on their 2016 digita prize.

Media EducationInclusion Education
Fondation Beyeler
Art Education
For the exhibition Jean Dubuffet– Metamorphoses of Landscape (31 January - 8 May 2016), the education department of the Fondation Beyeler created a digital museum tour in three languages (German, English, and French) using the Actionbound software and app. In the course of the tour, which took about half an hour, visitors could discover fascinating details, solve challenging puzzles, and gain new perspectives on the everchanging pictorial world of Jean Dubuffets, which was presented in the ten rooms of the exhibition. The tour was very well received by participants. We plan on using Actionbound for future exhibitions.
Museum pedagogyArt Education
Annika Kanzinger
Specialist Learning & Training | Fitness First
The tool really is self-explanatory and very easy to understand. We use it for a scavenger hunt for our new associates, so that they can keep moving ;) and get to know all of Fitness First right away. They discover our head office in small groups, getting to know all of the important people and places in the process. They also have a ton of fun!