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Frequently Asked questions. And the answers.

Actionbound App

What do I need to play a Bound?

To play a Bound, you’ll need to install the Actionbound app on a mobile device. The Actionbound app is available free of charge for iOS and Android. The current version is supported on iOS 14 and Android 10 and better.

Do I need an internet connection to play a Bound?

No, you do not need an internet connection to play a Bound. You will need a connection before the Bound is begun and again to complete the Bound. At the beginning, the content of the Bound, such as questions, tasks, and images are downloaded to your mobile device. In order to upload your results at the end of the Bound, you’ll also need an internet connection. So long as all of the content is preloaded, you do not need an internet connection while playing.
Please note: external content, such as embedded YouTube videos and websites that have been linked cannot be preloaded.

Can I play a Bound on my PC, laptop, or Windows tablet?

No. Bounds can only be played using the Actionbound app, which has been optimized to work on iOS and Android and is only available on those platforms. By the way, the Actionbound app does work on macOS with Apple silicon and SMART-Boards.

What permissions does the Actionbound app need?

The permissions needed by the Actionbound app depend on the Elements or functions used in the Bound:

  • Camera: Scan start codes and QR codes, take pictures and videos.
  • Microphone: Record audio and video.
  • Storage: Save images, video, and audio files.
  • Location: identify your location

Permissions will only be used to enable this functionality. The app makes no other use of these permissions.

Why do some Android devices not show the orientation arrow?

In order to show the orientation arrow, your device needs a compass module. All iPhone and iPads, as well as most Android devices in the middle and upper price segments have a compass module, but more affordable devices often try to cut hardware costs, and therefore do not include a compass module.

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Costs & Licenses

Does Actionbound cost money?

Actionbound is free to use for private purposes, such as birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and family events. A paid license is necessary to use Actionbound at educational institutions, businesses, as well as clubs and other organizations. You can read about which license you need here. Or just drop us a line at

What licenses are available?

There are two categories of licenses: EDU-licenses for the education sector and PRO-licenses for commercial organizations. Shoot us an email at to find the perfect license for your organization.

Can I test Actionbound free of charge?

With a PRO-trial account or EDU-trial account you can test Actionbound free of charge for a period of 14 days – though exclusively for the purposes of testing. You won’t be able to put your Bounds online during the test phase.

Can I change my private account to a licensed acccount?

You sure can. Login to your private account and choose the right license for you under "Costs" It’ll be activated automatically in your account. Have questions? Feel free to get in touch at

Where can I see the status of my license or the number of Bound players?

Login to your account. On the upper right-hand side, you’ll see your email address. Click on it to bring up the menu. Choose license management, where you’ll find all the details you’re looking for (number of players, Bounds, accounts, bills, and features).

Can packages be overdrawn?

Yes. Though you’ll also receive a notice from us when you’ve used up 90% and 100% of your allotment. No stress, though–your Bound will remain online and will be playable for three weeks. You can simply buy another package in advance or overdraw and then buy more players retroactively.

What is a Bound player?

We define a Bound player as any person who plays a Bound, whether they play as a part of a group or with their own device. Every time the Bound is played, it will be counted. If you create two Bounds and 10 people each play both Bounds, that counts as 20 Bound players. The Bound players are only deducted from your credits when they end the Bound.

Can we use your logo?

You’re welcome to use our logo in your marketing. You’ll find a high-resolution graphics file here. We’d be grateful if you’d tell us when you use our logo or publish something about Actionbound.

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Bound and Bound creation

Can more than one person work on a Bound?

Yes, more than one person can work on a Bound. Changes to the Bound are saved in real time. If more than one person is working on a Bound at once, changes might be overwritten.

What is the difference between a public Bound and a secret Bound?

Public Bounds can be found in the Actionbound app as well as on the Actionbound website. If you designate a start point, the Bound will also be shown on the map of public Bounds . Secret Bounds, in contrast, are not listed publicly and can only be started using the Bound URL or the start QR code.

How can I transfer my Bounds to another account? How can I share my Bounds with another account?

You can transfer Bounds to another account under your license in the License Management section of the website.

You can also share your Bounds with another licensed account. It does not need to share your license. To do so, simply activate puplic copying and then share the link.

If you want to transfer Bounds from a private account to a licensed account, get in touch at

Does the start QR-code change when I edit the Bound?

No. The Start QR-code is generated when the Bound is created and does not change, so you can use it to print on flyers, for example..

Be advised: QR-codes that are generated for testing purposes do change as soon as the Bound is edited and are therefore only intended for testing purposes..

Can I still edit my Bound after it is published?

Yes, the Bound can be edited at any time. In order to make the changes available to your players, the current version of the Bound must be placed online.

Are changes automatically uploaded to Bounds currently being played?

No. Changes are not uploaded to Bounds that are currently being played. Bounds currently being played must be completed or discontinued, and Bounds that have been downloaded to a device must be deleted and reinstalled for the changes to be transferred to the device.

Why does an old version of the Bound start?

Either the changes to the Bound have not yet been published, or an older version of the Bound is saved on the mobile device.

  • Is the current version of the Bound online? On the Bound dashboard, you can see whether all the changes to the Bound have been published.
  • You can find saved Bounds by going to Find A Bound - My Bounds - Preloaded Bounds on the Actionbound app, where you’ll also be able to delete the preloaded Bound.

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Can the results be seen publicly?

Bound players’ results are generally not shown publicly. They will only linked to on the public Bound page after the players confirm that they should be published.

Bound creators also have the possibility of setting up their Bounds so that no results are published on the public Bound page.

How do I undo the publication of my results?

Just shoot us an email at and share the name of your Bound as well as the nickname or the team name that you used so that we can take your results offline.

How can I delete my results?

To delete your results, just write us an email at and share the name of your Bound as well as the team name or user name that you used.

How do we receive the results if we did not create the Bound?

Licensed Bounds can be started via the public Bound page or by using a Bound Challenge. The players of a Bound Challenge are reported as a group. You’ll receive a summary of the results by email.

You’ll find more information here.

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Account and Profile

I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?

If you forget your password, you can get a new one by going to the login in page and clicking on "Forgot Password" Check your spam folder if you don’t get an email with your new password.

Where can I change my user name or my email address?

You can change your user name, your email address, or your password in your profile. Profile.

How can I delete my account?

To remove your acccount, write an email from the address you used to register your account to

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GDPR and data protection

Is Actionbound GDPR compliant?

Yes, of course!

Where are the servers located and how are the hosts certified?

Our servers are located in Germany:

  • AWS Germany, near Frankfurt
  • 1&1 data center in Karlsruhe
  • Hetzner in Nürnberg and Falkenstein
All of our hosts are ISO-certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Are personal data retained? What data must the user provide?

We have only ever retained user data that is necessary for the usage of our products. We only save personal information that you provide to us. Den Inhalt des Bounds gestalten unsere Nutzer:innen selbst.

  • A valid email address is necessary for the creation of an Actionbound account. The exception is the instant accounts. No personal data is required here.
  • The app can also be used without registering. In this case, no personal data will be retained.
  • The content of our Bounds is created by users themselves. If a Bound asks for personally identifiable data, we will process it in order to save it and provide the user with the results of the Bound. No further use of your data is intended.
Are personal data analysed?

Personal data that you provide to us will not be analysed, nor will it be provided to third parties.

The Terms and Conditions say that you will process my data. What does that mean, exactly?

Processing includes, for example, saving, querying, or deleting your data. We are not allowed to process your data without your consent. Data must be processed in order to present the results of Bounds. Providing your data to third parties or any other use of your data, for example for marketing purposes, is it is legally excluded.

Will you use my data for advertising?

Only in a very limited capacity. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you allow us to use the contents of your Bounds free of cost for our own advertisement, so long as they do not constitute the main part of the advertisement. We need this permission as your Bounds are presented on our website. For example, if we make “the best bounds about digitalization” available via the search function, that constitutes marketing and must be permitted. Neither your data nor the contents of your Bounds will be provided to third parties either for free or at a cost.

Will data be passed on to third parties?

Data or content will not be passed on to third parties, neither commercially nor free of charge.

How long are data retained? When are data deleted?

Your data will be deleted when you close your account or revoke your consent for their processing.

Why is the use of the app from the age of 18 and consent to data storage from the age of 16?

These are two separate issues:

  1. As with other software, the following applies to the Actionbound software: "Only players who have full legal capacity or limited legal capacity with the consent of their legal representatives are authorized to use it." In the case of people under the age of 18, it is sufficient for us to ensure in the terms and conditions that they are playing with the consent of their legal guardian.
  2. Consent to data storage - Article 8(1) of the GDPR stipulates that the consent of legal guardians must be given when consenting to the processing of data from younger children and adolescents under the age of 16.
The different legal objects provide for different age limits, which we map accordingly.
Do I need a contract for processing order data?
  • Our Terms and Conditions apply to both creators and players of Bounds.
  • The agreements with the players are thus concluded directly with us and an order for order data processing from you to us and further contracts are therefore unnecessary.
  • If you still want to sign a data processing agreement, here you can find our standard contract of Agreement on the processing of personal data, Documentation of the technical and organizational measures for data protection compliance.

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