Frequently asked questions. And the answers.

What is a Bound?
A Bound is an interactive smartphone rally. With the Actionbound app one can play exciting fun or informative Bounds. The principle is similar to a classical scavenger hunt or geocaching but it also includes media files, internet and players can contribute content as well.
How to play a Bound?
Download the Actionbound app onto your mobile device. It's available for iOS and Android devices.
How to create a Bound?
Sign up at actionbound.com and start right away in your browser. You'll need no programming skills.
Do I need an established internet connection while playing a Bound?
Nope. The Bound's media content will be preloaded. This applies to all content like quests, text, images, videos and sounds uploaded to Actionbounds' media library.
How does a multiplayer Bound work?
Multiple Bound players use one smartphone together. They will play as a team to reach a good result. The optimal group size would be three to six Bound players, at least two Bound players are required.
Is Actionbound really for free?
Yes, for private use e.g. a birthday party or a bachelor party. The use at events at companies or else are fee-based. We also offer reduced prices for educational purposes. Check our pricing page for more details.
Do I need GPS to play a Bound?
That depends on whether the Bound designer has built a GPS task in the Bound. If you play a Bound with GPS tasks although you do not have a GPS-enabled device, you can simply skip the tasks.

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