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Frequently Asked questions. And the answers.

What is a Bound?
A Bound is an interactive smartphone hunt. With the Actionbound app, you can take part in exciting, fun, and informative Bounds. The principle is similar to a classical scavenger hunt or geocaching, but it also includes media files, internet, and player-created content.
How do I play a Bound?
Download the Actionbound App onto your mobile device. It's available for iOS and Android devices.
How do I create a Bound?
Sign up for the Bound creator and start right away in your browser. You don't need to know how to program.
Do I need an internet connection while playing a bound?
Nope. The Bound's media content will be preloaded. This applies to all content– quests, text, images, videos and sounds uploaded to Actionbound's media library.
How does a multiplayer Bound work?
Multiple Bound players use one smartphone together. They will play as a team to acheive a good result. The optimal group size is three to six Bound players. At least two Bound players are required.
Is Actionbound really free?
Yes! For personal use, like at a birthday or bachelor party there's no charge to use Actionbound. We do charge for corporate use. Reduced pricing is available for educational institutions. Check our pricing page for more details.
Do I need GPS to play a Bound?
That depends on whether the Bound designer has built a GPS task in the Bound. If you play a Bound with GPS tasks although you do not have a GPS-enabled device, you can simply skip the tasks.
Where are the Actionbound servers located?
We rent servers at high-performance data centers in Karlruhe and Frankfurt am Main. You'll find more privacy information here.

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