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The Actionbound Academy

Interested in developing your own Bound? Find inspiration and get support from the Actionbound Academy!

Welcome to the Actionbound Academy! Here you will learn how to use the Bound Creator and how to get the most out of it. Take advantage of personalized advice, informative courses and other events while we accompany you on the way to your own unique Bound.

Who is behind the Academy?

Moritz Behrmann-Fink
In our courses held in both German and English, I provide insights into the Bound Creator and how users can utilize the software’s capabilities in a way that suits their project. For me, using a practical approach to explain the contents of the courses is always key!

I particularly enjoy working with customers from museums, cultural institutions and companies to explore the possibilities of bringing their content to life in a playful way.

I also enjoy expanding our new manual with articles on possible applications for our users.

Anna Brauckmann
One of the main areas of my job is to assist various clients with their exciting projects. Past highlights include Bounds for young people in baroque gardens, for children in a football stadium and for young adults in German language courses.

I regularly give courses on Actionbound online but prefer to give them in person, e.g. for employees of educational institutions.

Additionally, I regularly design Bounds which address special use cases or target groups.

Any questions regarding the creation of content of your Bound? We're here for you!

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