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Kaniva's Bounds
All public Bounds by Kaniva

Kaniva Wetlands Audio Tour
by Kaniva
This audio tour takes around 15 minutes as a looped walk. Start at the power engine near the bird aviary. Hit play to listen to the information or skip to next.
Sheepish Fun Trail - Primary Ages
by Kaniva
The answers you seek, are on the sheep! Family fun on the Sheep Art Trail. Easy timed questions for primary aged children. Walk takes you up to the Silos and finishes at the Wetlands and Fauna Park. Walk takes 30 mins with active kids or up to 1hr if you take your time. A similar short walk is available with the pre-school kids Sheepish Fun Trail option.
kaniva, kids, sheep
Wetlands and Fauna Park Walk
by Kaniva
Year 6 friends Rebecca and Hadassah, created this walk based on the signs around the looped Wetlands walking track. 13 questions suitable for 10 years and upwards. Bound takes 30 minutes with active kids or up to 50 mins if you take your time and enjoy the park.
Wetlands, Nature, kaniva
Pirate Treasure Hunt
by Kaniva
Ahoy there Captain and Mateys, Gather round ye Scallywagin' Landlubbers. A treasure hunt there be.... a treasure to find that you'll want to see. A villainous pirate was chased out of town, without the treasure chest he found. It is hidden somewhere above ground, I hear that he's been hangin' around. You must first solve a few riddles that will take you near and pass a few obstacles without fear. Think very carefully what the clues tell you to do and work out where to go. Ask each other and...
Kaniva, pirate, treasure
Kaniva Show
by Kaniva
So you think you know the Kaniva Show? Test your knowledge on all things local in our fast paced quiz and discover the people behind making the Kaniva Show one of the best country shows around!
Kaniva, History
Art Trail
by Kaniva
Explore Kaniva's public artworks and artists with this quiz style tour. Don't forget to take care when crossing the roads and highway. Remember to turn up your screen brightness :) Kaniva's Art Trail concept and design thanks to Rebecca Hobbs.
Art, Kaniva
Main street walking tour
by Kaniva
This walk takes you east along Commercial St from the Windmill to end of the street. It features an interesting snapshot of images and stories around Kaniva's main street development.
history, Kaniva, heritage, main street
Kaniva Alice in Wonderland
by Kaniva
Poor Alice has fallen down the Rabbit Hole! She is trapped in Wonderland at the Kaniva Wetlands & Fauna Park! Note to parents: The game follows the Wetlands walking track and to the Main Street for Easter Eggs. Please take care when crossing the road and supervise all children.
Kaniva, Easter
Travellers Inn
by Kaniva
A nice walk from the Travellers Inn Kaniva visiting places of interest including the Silo, heritage buildings, Sheep Art and finishing at the Big Windmill. Includes recommendations on places to eat.
history, Kaniva, heritage
Sheepish Fun Trail - Pre-school ages
by Kaniva
The answers you seek, are on the sheep! Family fun on the Sheep Art Trail. Easy questions written in rhyme, suitable for young children. The game takes you around the main street and then to the Wetlands and Fauna Park.
Kaniva, kids, Sheep
Heritage Walk
by Kaniva
Discover Kaniva's history. This walk takes you east along Commercial St from the Windmill to the Band Park and Shire Hall and finishes at the Scar Tree. The walk will takes around 30 minutes, but take your time and allow time to reflect on days gone by.
history, Kaniva, heritage