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Bounds recommended by the Actionbound team

Campus tours with Actionbound
by ActionboundOfficial
Explore the campus with Actionbound. An example of the use of bounds at university from a player's perspective
Around the world with Actionbound
by ActionboundOfficial
Travel around the world with Gustav! Discover exciting places, learn interesting facts and help Gustav write his report. A short bound for fun and inspiration.
A heart or just a black hole?
by ActionboundOfficial
Solve the puzzle to stop the doomsday machine! ------ An escape game for two players. Each player has to start the Bound on their own smartphone or tablet for the game to work.
Escape Game, example bound, short bound, puzzle, cooperative
Clothes make people
by ActionboundOfficial
A short Bound to get to know the app. It can be played alone or in a team. No personal data is requested in this Bound. At the beginning you can enter a nickname as a player name. Duration: approx. 5 minutes
Actionbound, example, clothes
Frank Schultze/Brot für die Welt
Climate change in Bangladesh
by Brot für die Welt Bildung
The rising sea levels, more frequent cyclones and storm surges pose a threat to people in Bangladesh’s coastal regions and lead to increasing salt-water encroachment. But thanks to innovative technologies, people still manage to secure drinking water. Find out how people in the Global South organise themselves and come up with creative answers to serious challenges. Explore the topic of virtual water and learn about how the clothes you wear are linked to the lack of drinking water in Bangladesh....
Wasser, Versalzung, Klimagerechtigkeit, Naturkatastrophe, Meeresspiegel
Great Garden tour
by Herrenhäuser Gärten
A tour of the Herrenhausen Gardens. You can download this Actionbound in the foyer with the free WiFi.
Hannover, Herrenhäuser Gärten, Großer Garten
Test Your Knowledge about the Coronavirus
by Actionbound Corona Info
Corona is keeping us all on our toes. Many are very worried, while others think our reaction the situation has been hysterical. What about you? Find out how much you know about the virus, and whether or not you're well informed. Help others to stay informed, and avoid falling prey to misinformation. You're welcome to share this Bound. If you'd like to play it with your class or with friends, and would like to see the results, just start a Bound Challenge. If you should happen to find any...
Corona, COVID-19, Quiz
Salinger's Secrets of Central Park
by The Looking Glass People
Riddles hidden in Augmented Reality and a rabbit hole to a society of Augmented Reality creators. A polished game free for everyone. To enable the AR make sure you go to settings in Actionbound and 'Enable External Browser" and have the Zappar app on your phone.
Traveling Without Moving
by mpatrick
Welcome to San Diego, a modern city built on the bay with deep roots in its original Spanish settlements and a strong naval presence. Your amazing scavenger hunt adventure will begin at the “birthplace of California” in the heart of Old Town and will take you on the trolley to little Italy and down to the water to explore our great naval history. So salute our nation’s naval power, breathe in the great sea air and discover one of the best things to do in San Diego.
London's Burning
by Portal Gang
Portal gang London day
Green City Rebels
by melakko
The Hong Kong summer heat keeps everyone locked in at home or the office. Even the Green City Rebels, the local cicadas usually bursting with revolutionary energy, are hanging low. Or is that just a cover up?
Hong Kong, Urban Adventure, Cicadas, free WiFi
Drouin Tour
by drift
Find and Unlock the Historical Secrets of Drouin!
History, Drouin, Gippsland