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Bounds tagged with "Environment"

Dzień Ziemi 2023
by nele83
zero waste, environment
Planet Blue Central Campus Sustainability Walking Tour
by ecokelly
The Planet Blue Ambassador program proudly presents the University of Michigan Central Campus Sustainability Walking Tour! Complete the tour to learn about sustainability features on campus, get your steps in, and engage with the campus on a whole new level.
Sustainability, Environment, University of Michigan, Campus Tour, Planet Blue
SpringWater Refill Quest
by JillShackers
In this quest you have been called to help two friendly aliens who have lost vital equipment. These are no ordinary aliens. They are big fans of Eastbourne and are fascinated by its quirky Victorian past. As you help them, they will share some of their knowledge of local history. You will also find out more about the Refill App so that you never have to buy, or throw away, a plastic water bottle in Eastbourne. The Quest takes you on a guided walk (or cycle/scooter ride) from Eastbourne...
Eastbourne, social history, transport, environment, Refill App
Escape Game Climate Justice_Malta
by Friends of the Earth Malta
Help our activists ensure that climate justice is achieved with a new type of economy! Suggested ages: 16+ Note for educators: This escape Game requires a handout which goes alongside it. All teacher resources can be found on the link below.
Climate justice, Environment, Escape Game, Climate change, Sustainability
Environment Week
by Sera000
An interactive scavenger hunt and challenge-based activity in the great outdoors!
sustainability, environment
Климатична справедливост
by zazemiata
"Климатична справедливост" е образователна игра от екологично сдружение "За Земята". Тя ще ви заведе на мисия с група активисти, които се опитват да спрат разрушаването на нашия свят. Препоръчителна възраст: 15 - 18 години.
Climate justice, Environment, Climate change, Sustainability, Social equity
The Borrer mission
by Isilda
This is William, his most precious treasure has got lost in Henfield. Your mission in this bound is to locate his garden and bring some of it back to life. (This image is the Copyright of the National Portrait Gallery)
Fun, digital, natural environment
Learning on the move
by nercas
This Expedition bound was created for the international training course 'Learning on the move'.
expedition, youth work, rural environment, Erasmus+, Trakai
Expedition - On the Move
by nercas
This Expedition bound was created for the international training course "Expedition: designing adventure in rural environments".
expedition, youth work, rural environment, Erasmus+, Trakai