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Liam's Birthday
by kwin
Liam's Birthday Treasure Hunt
Birhtday, Shopping, parks, restaurant
A tree awakening - City of Ljubljana
by Urban Forestry
Welcome to the City of Ljubljana tree discovery walk! We'll take you along emblematic city trees, passing by historical park landscapes and inside the miraculous forest - ready to go? Slovenian version:
Urban Forestry, Ecosystem Services, Trees, Parks, Forests
Richmond Parks Scavenger Hunt
by richmond_indiana_parks
This is a scavenger hunt is a great way to explore some of the great parks that are located in Richmond. Learn more about the history and abundance of activities in the city. This Hunt consists of 10 stops, starting at Middlefork Reservoir and ending at Glen Miller Park, and should take about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.
Richmond Indiana, Parks, Parks and Recreation, Glen Miller
FHP Connect bike Tour 2021 2.0
by SubTexte2020
Willkommen beim FHPC Actionbound, hier gibt es eine Wissensreiche und vernetzende Radtour durch die Stadt Potsdam mit erweiterten Routen und Zielen. Wir bieten euch mit dieser App eine Möglichkeit, Potsdam zu erkunden, Menschen kennenzulernen und mal ein bisschen rauszukommen. Bitte beachtet die herrschenden Corona-regeln jederzeit. Viel Spaß beim Erkunden und vernetzen! ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Welcome to the FHPC Actionbound, here is...
potsdam, citytour, radtour, parks
Adventure Hunt
by keithdodson
This will be a fun adventure hunt to get you moving around and using the best tool you have, your imagination. Invite your friends and family to try it with you or against you. Use what ever you have and have fun with the pictures and videos. We will not be posting any to social media outlets, so have fun with it. Make sure you do submit it and fill out the survey at the end. Please be on the look out for more Adventure Hunts to come during this shutdown process.
outdoor adventure, Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation, Chapel Hill Adventure, Chapel Hill Parks, adventure