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Bounds tagged with "Sustainability"

Planet Blue Central Campus Sustainability Walking Tour
by ecokelly
The Planet Blue Ambassador program proudly presents the University of Michigan Central Campus Sustainability Walking Tour! Complete the tour to learn about sustainability features on campus, get your steps in, and engage with the campus on a whole new level.
Sustainability, Environment, University of Michigan, Campus Tour, Planet Blue
Escape Game Climate Justice_Malta
by Friends of the Earth Malta
Help our activists ensure that climate justice is achieved with a new type of economy! Suggested ages: 16+ NB This escape Game requires a handout which goes alongside it. Link to resources will be uploaded soon.
Climate justice, Environment, Escape Game, Climate change, Sustainability
Centre Sustainability Scavenger Hunt
by CEA_Exec
This scavenger hunt is designed to engage students with sustainable initiatives on campus! Compete with friends to complete the missions by the end of Centre Sustainability Month! The winner will receive a gift card to Grace Café!
Environmental, Sustainability, Campus Sustainability, Centre Environmental Association