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Bounds tagged with "interactive"

Actionbound meets museum
by ActionboundOfficial
Experience a few possible use cases of Actionbound in a museum from the perspective of the players.
museum, education, exhibition, interactive, storytelling
Romantická Prechádzka Arborétom Mlyňany
by Camekova
educational, outdoor, interactive, quiz
The Hunger Games Scavenger Hunt (Iesha and Jacob)
by Iesha
This Actionbound Game will test players on their skills both in the real world and in the immersive Actionbound game. Use skills you learn along the way to decide your fate! Enjoy playing, and remember; "may the odds be forever in your favour ✌️ ".
Interactive Game, Actionbound, Leeds Trinity University, The Hunger Games, Immersive Gaming
Letné Arborétum
by Camekova
educational, outdoor, interactive, quiz
Interactive Visit to the Dusable Museum
by rhondahoskins
Let's Go On An Adventure and have some fun while exploring exhibits at the Dusable Museum of African American History.
Interactive Tour, Black History Museum, Dusable Museum
by shai
כנסו... יש פרסים!!!
liveplay, interactive, activities