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You can also play Bounds of licensed users as a "Challenge". With this you combine the runs of players of a Bound to a group. The results of the challenge are then sent to an e-mail address specified by you.

  • This feature is especially suitable for school classes, teams and birthdays to bundle the results of the players and evaluate them afterwards.
  • Each user can start the Bound-Challenge independently.


How to

  • Use the link to access the Bound Page official website for the bound you wish to play.
  • As a creator:in, you can also access the Bound-Page website via the link in your Bound dashboard.
  • Click on Create Bound Challenge.
  • Give the Bound Challenge a name and enter an email address where you want the results sent. An email will be sent with a link to a results page.
  • An own start-QR-code will be generated. All players have to scan this code with the Actionbound App to participate in the Bound-Challenge.
  • By clicking Download Start Instructions you will generate a PDF with your own start QR code of the Bound as well as a link to the results page of your Bound-Challenge.
  • When the QR code of a Bound-Challenge is scanned with the app, the Bound opens as usual. Once the players have completed the Bound and uploaded their results, you or the recipient(s) can view the results in the email.
Moritz Behrmann-Fink

Moritz Behrmann-Fink
Actionbound Academy

Updated on Jun 10, 2024

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