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With the simplified markup language Markdown, you can format text in your Bound to highlight information or make the text more readable.

How to

  • Writing text in bold and italics is only the beginning of the possibilities of formatting with Markdown.

  • Create headings, make parts of text bold or italic, create lists and add breaks and paragraphs.


With Hashtags (#) you define that the text is a heading. Depending on the number of Hashtags in front of the text, it is formatted as a heading of a different order. Place the appropriate number of Hashtags at the beginning of the line you want to change.

Text - The text becomes a first heading. (#)

Text - The text becomes a second heading. (##)

Text - The text becomes a third heading. (###)

More Hashtags are possible.

Bold and italic

Use an asterisk (*) or underscore (_) to make your text bold or italic.
**Text** - the text becomes bold.
*Text* - the text becomes italic.


To insert a paragraph with one blank line between two texts, press Enter twice.

Line break

To break a text at a certain position to the next line, write the code <br> directly at the respective position.


By inserting a hyphen (-) and then a space, you create a list item.

  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Example 3

Numbers can also be used to create a list. Put a dot (.) after the numbers.
Place as many list points as you need below each other.

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

You can find more Markdown tricks at Github or Wikipedia.

Addressing Players

You have the possibility to directly address the players in the Bound. To do this, you can use codes in your text that will be translated in the app so that team or player names are displayed.

!!winner!! - The name of the winner of a tournament will be displayed
!!randomplayer!! - The name of a player will be displayed at random. If the Bound has only one player, their name will be displayed.
!!team!! - the name of the team will be displayed

Example of use

  • Headings structure your bound and the text of the item.
  • Use bold or italics to highlight information such as keywords or instructions for quizzes and assignments.
  • Line breaks and paragraphs can be used to make the text more readable or to divide it into units of meaning.
  • A list can help to visually emphasise a list of information or to clearly present the steps of a procedure.
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