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Informing players or sharing content - this element can be used to convey additional knowledge and provide information about the course of the game.

  • The information element is purely for the transmission of messages.
  • Information elements can, for example, represent additional knowledge about topics or provide information about the course of the game.
  • Like all other elements, information elements can also contain text, media and links.
  • Information appears in the Bound without players having to react to it with an answer in the app.
  • Because of this, players cannot receive points for this element.

How to

Create a new element and select the element Information in the right menu of your Bound. A new window opens with a text field in which you can enter information.

Example of use

Whenever you do not expect a reaction from the players and only want to give hints or information, the information element is particularly suitable. For example, you can welcome players at the beginning of a Bound and tell them about the course of the game or the story of a Bound.

If you want to give players additional knowledge about a quiz question, it is advantageous to follow it with an information element. Here you can explain in-depth information or refer to further content. An information element can also be used to provide information for a subsequent quiz or task.

Céline Dreismickenbecker

Céline Dreismickenbecker
Actionbound Academy and Social Media

Updated on Sep 14, 2023

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