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Multilingual Bound (Premium feature)

Wouldn't it be nice if you could translate your Bounds into all languages of the world? Create a Bound in the Creator and then be asked for the language when starting the Bound. Fortunately, this wishful thinking is now a thing of the past.

  • Finally it's here, our new premium feature: The translation tool!

How to

It has never been easier to offer and translate a Bound in different languages. Find out how it all works here:

Our translation tool can be booked for a fee if desired. If you are interested, just contact our Sales Team. Once booked, you will find the premium feature on your Bound dashboard under Settings.

Your translation tool will appear directly under the duration of a run. You can now select a primary language and add as many translations as you like.

Application options

For example: You create a Bound in German as usual and now you want to offer your finished Bound in English as well. So your primary language is German and you add another language. Simply select the desired language - in this case English - and click on Add.

Your translation page will open. On the left side you see all your Bound elements in your primary language. On the right side you translate your elements and copy your media, if available.

If the field is filled in, the small red exclamation mark in the upper right corner disappears, the element is now translated and the translation is saved. If you want, you can also download all elements in your primary language as an Excel list, translate them there and then simply upload them again. So two possibilities lead to the same result. Your media will appear in square brackets, just like in the Creator.


The beauty: Bound translations adapt to the app language. For example, if the app language is set to English and a Bound with the English translation is selected, it will automatically suggest the English version. It is also possible to change the language again at this point.

More options: Create multiple versions for your Bound at different difficulty levels. Your primary language would be easy and your additional languages would be medium and hard. At the beginning of the Bound your players can choose which level they want to play.

You are interested?

You want to translate your Bound into Bavarian, but this language is not available at all? No problem! You can also easily add a new language. How about a Bound in Elvish?

You have questions about the translation tool and/or want to try it out? Just contact our sales team at or call +49-30-12083317.

Lisa Podiwin

Lisa Podiwin
Support & Customer Success

Aktualisiert am Oct 12, 2023