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What do you want to know?

Flexibility in account and bound management of your license.
Various freely definable permissions for your accounts.
Shared access to bounds and media in shared folders.


How to

With the Organization Dashboard, you have a huge amount of leeway in managing your accounts, beyond the normal Actionbound license management. You can completely manage your accounts yourself with the Organization Dashboard. This means you can independently create, invite, and edit accounts, and assign individual roles with user permissions you define yourself. Access-authorized accounts can use shared folders to edit Bounds together, but not (yet) simultaneously. In addition, shared media folders can be used to share images, videos, and audios with accounts on the license.

The Organization Dashboard is currently especially useful for large licenses, corporations with different departments and hierarchies, nationwide associations, media centers, universities and anyone who wants to administer their users beyond the normal license management.

Different needs and requirements are clarified in advance and a needs-oriented organizational dashboard is created individually on the basis of this.

Your own Organization Dashboard

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Lisa Podiwin
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