Professional Licenses
For business use of Actionbound

With the PRO license, you can create as many Bounds as you like. The number of Bound players determines the price. Every person playing a Bound counts a a Bound player, regardless of whether they are using their own device or are part of a team. Any remaining Bound players will be transferred to your new license when you renew.

If you have any questions regarding individual licensing or branding options, we are happy to help via email or phone.


10 Bound players
€ 80.00
50 Bound players
€ 250.00
100 Bound players
€ 400.00
200 Bound players
€ 700.00
500 Bound players
€ 1250.00
Enterprise Flat - up to 2500 Bound players
€ 1990.00
Enterprise Flat
Do I have to pay for testing?

Premium Features

Bound Styler
€ 480.00
What is the Bound Styler?


What does the start date mean?
What start date should I choose?
What does renew automatically mean?
  • Your license starts on the chosen date and is valid for the period selected
  • The license will only be renewed automatically if you select 'Renew automatically'
  • If you select this option, your license will be purchased again for the same duration as the original license
  • You will get an email reminder before your license is renewed
  • You can deactivate the automatic renewal at anytime using the license management dashboard
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