Professional Licensing
For business use of Actionbound


5 players / year
€ 20.00
10 players / year
€ 35.00
20 players / year
€ 60.00
50 players / year
€ 125.00
75 players / year
€ 165.00
100 players / year
€ 200.00
200 players / year
€ 350.00
300 players / year
€ 450.00
500 players / year
€ 575.00
750 players / year
€ 675.00
Enterprise Flat up to 5000 players / year
€ 950.00
How does the accounting work?
The license is defined by the amount of players. The amount of devices, groups, downloads or Bounds is not relevant for the license. For example: a group of 5 players playing one Bound with one device, will be accounted as 5 players. If the same group plays multiple Bounds, the amount of players will be added
Do I have to pay for testing?
No. We don't charge for Bounds you have started by using the function "Test".
What happens when the amount of players is exceeded?
We will warn you in advance and offer you an upgrade. The Bound will be taken offline when the license expires and is not renewed.
Where can I use the Enterprise Flat?
The Enterprise Flat is location bound, so it may only be used at one location. If you need a bigger amount of players for several locations, we will make an individual offer for you. It is also possible to buy several Enterprise Flat packages for several locations.
You did not find the product you were looking for?
You did not find the right product for your needs? Do you have questions regarding licenses, workshops, employee training, creating a Bound, branding, white label solutions, GPS events or individual event software? Just write us an Email to, we will send you an individual offer and will be glad to answer your questions.

Period of validity

What is the start date?
From the start date on, you can publish and play your Bound. Before that date you can already create and test it.
Which start date is useful?
If you have an event, you should choose the start date several days in advance. In this way you can take your time to put your bound online and check if everything runs smoothly.
Will the license be renewed automatically?
Don't worry, it's not a subscription. We inform you before the period of validity is over and ask if you want to extend the license.
What happens if I have players left but the period of validity is over?
If you extend the license, the remaining players will be taken into the new license. The Enterprise Flat is excluded from this regulation.



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