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Actionbound Video Tutorials

No matter if you are a beginner or an expert. These tutorials show you all the Actionbound functions and their possible uses, from the basics to special settings. You can find video tutorials on the following topics:

Beginner's course

New to Actionbound or do you want to refresh your knowledge? Our "Beginner's course" is the right choice for you! In this online training you will learn more our app, our licences and how to quickly create your own bounds with the our easy-to-use Bound Creator. Furthermore you will get to know the various game-elements and how to use them.

Instant Accounts

Instant accounts offer cooperative work on a license without other users (e.g. students) having to create their own accounts. This feature is included in educational licenses.


Structure your bound by creating different stages. This is particularly suitable for larger groups of players. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create stages. (Update: Recently we added a third option to have a random sequence of stages and renamed the 'flexible' order into 'selectable'.)

Bound Styler

The Bound Styler gives you the opportunity to design the appearance of your Bounds according to your own ideas and wishes.

Merge Bounds

You can merge several bounds in your dashboard and make one big bound out of them.


The switches can be used to set conditions for each element under which it is played in the bound. In this introductory tutorial you will learn what different conditions you can set.