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How experiential learning works: the perfect combination of digital tools and experiencing nature

The summer holidays are already starting in some federal states and the weather is also slowly getting ready for summer. High time for your Bound in nature, right? In an increasingly digital world, it's not easy to find ways to utilise the benefits of technology without losing touch with nature. Actionbound can help you and show you how to create exciting experiences for adults and/or children.

The advantages of learning in nature

Learning in nature has many benefits: It promotes physical activity, increases well-being and strengthens understanding and appreciation of the environment. These benefits can be further enhanced by combining digital learning with nature experiences. Gamification increases the motivation to learn in nature. Can tree leaves be correctly categorised? What does a birch tree look like? Can you spot one and take a photo of it? Your players can collect points for correctly answering questions. At the end of the Bound, you can see who has collected the most points. Who ends up in 1st place?

Scientific experiments & creative tasks

Integrate simple scientific experiments into your Bounds that can be carried out on site. This makes learning hands-on and practical. Or encourage creativity through tasks that encourage participants to look at and interpret their surroundings in new ways. Have the participants take and analyse soil samples or carry out simple weather observations. With the "creative task" element, the things collected can be photographed and recorded for the future.

Learning stations in nature (GPS and code scanning)

You can organise exciting nature explorations with Actionbound. Children and adults can navigate through the forest, parks or nature reserves while solving tasks that develop their observation skills and knowledge of nature. One task could be to identify different tree species by their leaves or to find certain bird species and record their calls.

With the help of GPS coordinates, your players won't get lost either. It's best to create several sections where your players can check their location. Maybe you can also work together with the city or town nearby and hide permanently installed QR codes. You can also check the locations by scanning the QR codes. Here is a small example: In a botanical garden, stations could provide information about different plant families and their characteristics, with tasks to identify and describe the plants.

Curious now? Why not give it a try and create your next Bound in nature right now?