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Create your Actionbound account and get started with our Bound Creator.

How to

  • Click on the persona icon in the top right-hand corner and then on Create account.

Select use of application

On the selection page you choose your area of application for Actionbound:

PRO - Business use: e.g. for teambuilding events, training, product presentations, factory tours.
EDU - Educational use: e.g. for campus tours, museum tours, library rallies or lessons
Private - private sector: as a treasure hunt app on a birthday or for a scavenger hunt at a bachelor party

For the use in the PRO and EDU area you need a paid licence. To test Actionbound for 14 days free of charge, you can create a test account here. You can get to know the functions, but you cannot put your Bound online. You can simply license the test account later.
Pure private use is free of charge.

The licences of the application areas differ in the range of functions. You can find an overview of the [features].


For a new account, enter the following information:

Account name: This will be displayed on the public Bound page of your Bounds.
Email address: Will not be published. You will receive password reset mails and our newsletter to this address.
Password: We explicitly waive password rules here and recommend the use of a password manager instead.

Create account

To create an account, you must agree to the licence terms and our terms and conditions.

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You can change all account data at any time in your profile.
Click on Create Account and start directly with the creation of your first Bound.

Lisa Podiwin

Lisa Podiwin
Support & Customer Success

Updated on Sep 14, 2023

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