Licenses for educational use
Reduced pricing for educational not-for-profit institutions

With the EDU license you can create as many Bounds as you like. The amount of Bound players is determining the price. Every person playing a Bound whether using the own device or as a part of a group, is defined as a Bound player. The license is valid until all Bound players have been used up or for a maximum period of one year. Any Bound players you have left will be transferred to the new license at the renewal.

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10 Bound players
€ 25.00
50 Bound players
€ 60.00
100 Bound players
€ 95.00
200 Bound players
€ 160.00
300 Bound players
€ 195.00
500 Bound players
€ 275.00
EDU Flat - up to 5000 Bound players
€ 500.00
Do I have to pay for testing?

Period of validity

What does the start date mean?
Which start date is useful?
What does renew automatically mean?
  • Your license starts at the start date for the set duration
  • The license will only be renewed automatically if you select 'Renew automatically'
  • In this case your license will be automatically bought again after the license preiod for the originally chosen duration
  • You will get an e-mail reminder before automatic renewal
  • You can deactivate the automatic renewal anytime at the license management



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