Licenses for public schools
Custom licenses for compulsory schools

These licenses are tailor made for the use of Actionbound by teachers and social workers as well as for school libraries. With the unlimited amount of Bounds and Bound players the use of digital media within school will be simplified and promoted. The determining part of the license is the amount of teachers using the license. With the instant account feature students can use the licenses to create their own Bounds. Thus no personal data will be stored.

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Teacher license
€ 45.00
5 teacher licenses
€ 90.00
School library license
€ 150.00
School license
€ 380.00
Teacher license
5 teacher licenses
School license
School library licenses

Period of validity

What does the start date mean?
Which start date is useful?
What does renew automatically mean?
  • Your license starts at the start date for the set duration
  • The license will only be renewed automatically if you select 'Renew automatically'
  • In this case your license will be automatically bought again after the license preiod for the originally chosen duration
  • You will get an e-mail reminder before automatic renewal
  • You can deactivate the automatic renewal anytime at the license management



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