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With the help of Stages, you group your elements or summarise individual stations or thematic areas in the Bound. On the one hand, this provides a better overview in the Bound Creator, and on the other hand, you can use them for clever game design.

How to

  • Create a Stage and enter a title.

  • Set a coordinate, if desired. If you set a coordinate for the section, it will be displayed as a flag on the map of the Bound page and in the app.

Activate random mode

By default, all the elements you assign to a section are played in the order you specify in the contents of the Bound. Within sections, you can also have your players play elements in random order. Or you can display only one random element of the Stage.

  • Activate the Random mode.
  • Select either Play all elements of the Stage in random order or Play only one random element of the Stage.
  • Now add at least one element to the Stage.

Sequence of stages

Depending on the settings in Sequence of stages, the Stages are played one after the other (Fixed), players choose from a menu which Stage they want to play (Selectable) or all the Stages are played at random (Random).


Use Stages to keep track when creating a Bound: In the sequence, Stages are displayed as flags. Here you can also move entire sections including the associated elements by dragging and dropping.

Example of use

To create an Escape Bound, Stages are essential. Not only because they help you to structure the Bound. But also to use Switches to display a Stage next, depending on the progress of the game (e.g. points or time) or decision or a certain answer in a survey.

With multiple Stages, you can also enable Station learning in groups. Read more about this in the article sequence of Stages.


Empty Stages are not displayed in the selection of Stages in the app.

Moritz Behrmann-Fink

Moritz Behrmann-Fink
Actionbound Academy

Aktualisiert am Sep 14, 2023