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Actionbound Features
Actionbound offers a variety of features. Learn which features are covered by the indiviual license models.

General Personal EDU PRO
Create Bounds
Publish Bounds
Evaluate Bounds
Secret Bounds 7 € per Bound
Time limit
Share Bounds
Merge Bounds
Bound Challenge
Create folders
License Management
Instant Accounts
Commercial use
Bound elements Personal EDU PRO
Sequence of stages: Random
Quiz: Solution input
Quiz: Multiple choice
Quiz: Estimate number
Quiz: Sort list
Quiz: Cloze
Partial points for multiple choice and cloze
Mission (record pictures, videos, audios)
Find spot
Scan code
Survey: Multiple choice
Hide reward / failure icon
Native audio player in app
Deactivate zoom
Test single element
Results Personal EDU PRO
Display results
Compare results
Export results and media (XLSX, PDF)
Export Survey results as CSV
Premium features Personal EDU PRO
Bound Styler on request 327,73€ 550€
We offer more premium features and customization on request. Just contact us at +49-30-12083317 or

Premium features

  • Organisation Dashboard
  • Instant Accounts
  • Multi-language Bounds
  • create SCORM course
  • collect results on the device for later upload
  • show canceled Bounds

Individual adjustments

  • implement own terms and conditions
  • own wording for your Bounds
  • remove placing or ceremony
  • Bound without points
  • adjust distance in "Find spot"
  • further customization possible upon request