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What do you want to know?

Create your own Bound with the Bound Creator and get creative! No matter for which use case - birthday, onboarding or city tour. With our easy-to-use Bound Creator, you don't need any programming skills.

How to

  • To create your own Bound, all you need is an Actionbound account. Create an account or log in to your existing account to just get started.
  • After logging into your Actionbound account, you will be taken directly to the dashboard.
  • Alternatively, you can find the dashboard in the menu under My Bounds or in the navigation bar under Create Bound.
  • The Dashboard is where you will find all of your Bounds.
  • To create a new bound, click New Bound and fill out the window.


The Title is displayed on the public Bound's web page on the website, the Bound info page in the app, and the Start instruction. In addition, the title will be used in searches on the website or the app. Therefore, choose a meaningful title for your Bound.
The title should reflect the theme of your Bound and make the players curious.
If you create a public Bound, your Bound will be searched via the title.
You can change the title at any time in the Danger zone.


The URL is the web address where the home page of your Bound can be found. You can use a short form of the title, for example.
The URL is also the text code with which the Bound can be started in the app under Secret Bounds and under which it can be found.


  • The URL must be at least 3 characters long and may only consist of letters and numbers. The URL must not contain any special characters.
  • The URL of your Bound cannot be changed. If you need a different URL for your Bound, you can create a duplicate of your Bound and enter a new URL. Note that the start QR code will change.

Play mode

  • A Singleplayer Bound is played by one player on one device.
  • In a Multiplayer Bound, several players play on one device. Each of the players counts as one Bound player.

Sequence of stages

For the Sequence of stages, choose whether the stages within your Bound should run Fixed (in the order appearing in the Bound Creator) or whether your players should be allowed to solve the stages in Selectable order or even at Random.

Click Create Bound to have the Bound created. You will be taken directly to the content of your Bound and can start filling it with content.

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Lisa Podiwin
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